Convinced that GDI is a Great MLM Opportunity, but just can't seem to make money out of it?

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In any marketing business, there are always proven techniques to succeed. Maybe you have tried these strategies but still remain frustrated. Perhaps you just need a little helping hand to push you to the finishing line? Or you want to leverage on smart internet marketing tools but don't want to pay the extra fee?

The Best GDI Team will give you all the resources and more:

All your uplines build deep for you!

By using the Dream Team Formula 1 Line Spillover Downline Retention system, everyone in the team will automatically build at least 5 deep by putting our personal referrals directly under YOU!

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Autoresponder for list building & follow-up!

Receive Platinum Grab That Lead (monthly $9.97) for FREE! As long as you remain active in GDI in the team, you get to access full fledge autoresponder features to create unlimited follow-up campaigns or broadcast to unlimited number of email leads. You can use this tool for all your other businesses - no restrictions.

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Ready-made website for your GDI domain!

What if you could have a ready made website embeded with your affiliate links for multiple source of income? Just let us know your affiliate links, google adsense code & paypal address, we will install the website for you after your 7 days free trial. No more frustrations on web design and html coding ... sit back and watch your online income roll in.

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Monthly bonuses for lead generation!

Get tons of internet marketing ebooks & video tutorials to help you build your list and generate leads. Not only will you receive these resources FREE, you will even get resell rights or rebrandable rights to them -- this means you can make 100% profit by reselling or giveaway to generate more leads for your GDI business.

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